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A Title company is one of the the most important third parties you will work with during your transaction. Here at Integrity Title, we’ll ensure that all requirements for a smooth closing and clear title are satisfied. If you’re preparing to refinance your existing mortgage or purchase a new home with a loan, you’ll want to choose a title company to work with that will facilitate all aspects of your closing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse below for clear and concise explanations on topics such as title searches, property transfers, boundary disputes, and more.

What is a Closing?

Closing is another term for “settlement.” It refers to the part of the real estate transaction where the title moves from the seller to the buyer’s hands.

Will My Real Estate Agent Know Anything About the Title to the Home?

Many real estate agents will have a thorough understanding of what a title is. The nuances of title insurance, and recommend a trusted title company. However, no one will know precisely what information is related to the title until a title search is completed.

Can a Title Company Conduct Escrow?

A title company can generally acts as an escrow agent. They can explain all the costs involved for both parties, secure the lender, and prepare a closing statement. 

Will I Have to Pay for Title Insurance Every Month?

No. Title insurance, unlike other insurance policies, is not billed as a monthly premium. It’s a one-time cost you pay at the time you purchase your home. The policy lasts for the time you and your heirs own the property.

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